Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I finally have some questions!

I’ve finally got some questions!

Unfortunately, I cannot give you examples of real life missing-person reports but I can tell you the normal process. Someone, usually a friend or relative, submits a form with their local police. This document informs authorities how long the person or persons have been missing.

Last year, nearly a million missing-person cases were reported to the FBI. Local police have to take each call from frantic families or friends seriously. Most people do turn up and are not victims of foul play or alien abduction. When I worked in the department we would find people almost as often as they went missing. Nevertheless, most people think the police and FBI have nothing else to do but look for their wife or husband who’s probably on a drug runner, or an alcohol toot.

Figuring out how to proceed in a missing-persons case where there is no body dump can be tough. Please note that we take every case seriously and have sympathy for the families of missing loved ones. Even though when hear us talk about it you would think we sound like a bunch of assholes.

We know every missing person is a life. But understand we do have limited resources. We also know from experience that even though the stats are not comforting, most people do show up. Usually sadder but wiser.

In all my experience on the force I have had hundreds if not thousands of missing-persons cases. But the good news is that only a small handful turned out to be victims of foul play. Now I’m a little reluctant to delve into details of the really horrible cases because I do not want to relive the anguish those families had to endure. Maybe one day I’ll sit down and change all the names. I always wanted to write a book about my job. For now my blog will have to do.

Okay guys, I’m taking the afternoon off to get a check up and take my dog Tyler in for her flu shot. Or maybe it’s the other way around. I can’t believe I did all the stuff life requires when I still had a job.

Keep the questions coming!

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