Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Thank you to those who are reaching out to help find out what happened to Laura's husband. I'm running some errands downtown today. I might poke my head in my old haunt to see if anyone knows anything about what happened on March 11th.

I'll keep you posted.



Jason said...

Hey, I think you should contact Eric Brody through the email I think Laura's husband might be directly linked to the events on that video. Eric was working with the PD but was recently terminated and someone (Accidentally or intentionally?) slipped that into his box after he was fired.

Derek said...
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Derek said...

Something stinks... Usually the PD will run on all cylinders and not sleep 'till they can help or bring Justice for one of their own. This silence on their part, especially to his wife is unnerving to me. I'm definitely here to help. I'll keep my eyes open for anything that might be related.

Jason said...

Hey, I think that that video was made during a quarantine. The victim was likely infected with some kind of illness and someone didn't want it getting out...something contagious and deadly, like a rabies or something else really nasty. This stinks of cover up. We need to find out who was behind this and take them down.

Anonymous said...

There are a # of cover ups going on right now under our nose. The pharma$$suticals release bacteria into our water and food each year... those stories are burried