Thursday, March 13, 2008

looking for a new toy

Hey guys, I'm finally feeling close to 100 percent. I was able to recharge the last couple days and drink plenty of tea.

I went shopping today at Whole Foods, man they have a great selection. I also stopped by the local electronics store and looked at the TVs. I'm so lame but I don't own an HD tv. But I'm going to buy one before March Madness.

Anyone have any good suggestions or coupons?



Richie said...

The best place to get deals on TV is

Anonymous said...

Mike, this is Laura, Jim's wife. I don't know if you heard from anyone but Jim is missing. I can't get a straight answer from the department and I'm very confused what I should do. I had your email and I found this blog. Jim said you were the best at finding people. I'm really hoping you can help. I just emailed you my phone #. Please call me asap.

Simon said...

more clues at

Derek said...

I'd get an LG, thats what I've got and it's great