Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Welcome to The Last Palm Tree

Hey blogspot world. Welcome to The Last Palm Tree. My name is Mike and I’m new to blogging. I’m recently retired and looking to write down some of the interesting things I’m finding out there on the web. I live in Los Angeles and love this town. But I'm sad to see more and more palm trees disappear each year from fungal disease. Why I titled my blog The Last Palm Tree, as an homage to that southern California icon.

Here's a shot I took last year at the Day of the Dead Festival at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary.

I’m an ex-cop, retired missing persons detective to be specific. I spent the last fifteen years of my life helping others. My goal for this blog is to continue to help people by answering your questions and examing current cases in the news.

If anyone has questions on how cops handle certain situations feel free to post away in the comment section. If there are any cases you want to discuss let me know. I still have some friends on the force so I may have some pull for inside information.

My former employers were kind enough to get my this fancy laptop. They were going to get me a gold watch but I guess this computer was their way of saying I need to catch up with the digital age.

I’m okay with some stuff like inserting photos as you can see above but I have a lot to learn about blogging. I've lived an analogue lifestyle but now I have to learn to survive in this digital jungle. Hopefully some of you can help me along the way with technical tips.

Let me know if you have any questions for an ex-cop.

Thanks for reading.

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once a pig always a pig