Monday, January 28, 2008

Enjoying My Free Time

Hey guys, I really enjoy my time off from the force. Turns out they have free WIFI at the coffee shop down the block. I can kick back and blog from the comforts of a back booth. Plus, I’ve got a perfect view of the TV to catch up on the Lakers. Hell, I might even watch the Clippers.

I also can keep up to date on the news. I’m relived I’m not spending my time working some of these bizarre cases.

Although I do miss trying to solve the mystery of some of the weird cases. They’re always full of surprise. Like my old friend on the force used to say, “You never know.”,22049,23102177-5012895,00.html

Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year as much as I am.


Anonymous said...

dear excop mike, why are cops so corrupt?

Mike Davidson said...

You’re wrong. All cops aren’t corrupt. A few bad seeds can poison any group no matter what line of work The police officers I worked with were good women and men with a strong sense of ethics.