Thursday, January 24, 2008

Police Slang

A reader of my last entry asked if we use police slang. Sure do. Here’s a few I picked up over the years.

Acute Lead Poisoning – Gunshot wound

AQR – Ain’t Quite Right

Blood suckers – those who take blood samples, ie lab techs

CLL – chronic low life

CRAFT – can’t remember a f*cking thing. “Our witness has developed a bad case of CRAFT.”

Coffin Dodger – A cop who’s served as long as I did and lived to tell the tales.

DFO – Drunk and fell over

TOMB TOWN - The Morgue

We have a bunch about found bodies.

DRT – Dead Right There (victim dead at the scene of a crime)

FDSTW – Found dead, stayed that way.

PNF – Pulse not found.

LI – Living impaired.

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Anonymous said...

Dear ExCopMike, why are cops so corrupt?